One of the top searches for salons online is actually performed by men looking for a good salon where they can feel comfortable getting their haircut. Typically, men have their hair cut every three weeks. Those with hair a bit over the ear can get away with going a little longer in between cuts, but usually no longer than every four weeks. Women tend to wait, having their hair cut and colored every six to eight weeks. Their hair is typically longer and they are not afraid of color. In fact, women are conditioned to accept changes in the color of their hair.

Because of the frequency involved with getting his hair cut, a man must find a salon and stylist he really likes. It is the stylist’s job to make him comfortable and want to come back. It is also the stylist’s job to suggest color if appropriate, which is a tough sale for some men. The wise stylist is going to share the benefits of color with her male client, assuring him that it will not be a dramatic change. For example, if the man is older and almost completely gray, it would be unwise to take him completely dark or back to his original hair color. It would look fake and too obvious. This would not be a repeat client.

Instead, the man should be taken to a logical place with color where it looks natural. Some people call this “salt and pepper,” but it is actually called “color blending.”  This process of color blending where some of the gray is left in place makes a lot of sense and makes the color more believable. Unless the man is up for a whole new experience of total color transformation, which is not going to happen often in mature men, it is best to introduce color gradually. Leave the crazy color and hairstyles to the young and the restless. That’s what youth is for… exploration and experimentation.

Tip: Men with highlights in their hair will find that it is easier to spike and style their hair. That’s because the color actually adds texture to the hair that makes it easier to work with! 

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