If you just moved to Orange County or Lake Forest in particular, and you’re looking for salon, decide what you want. Is it just a quick fix to your hair? Find a walk-in salon. Salons located inside malls usually take walk-ins. Looking for a long-term relationship with a stylist? Try salons outside the mall, but understand the way they work first.

Different salons conduct business in different ways. In a commission-based salon the stylists are considered “employees” but earn a commission on services. There are also stylists who are paid hourly. A stylist who is paid hourly may not have the skills that a commissioned stylist does, but she’s under more scrutiny by management. That means the salon owner is liable when it comes to a client’s less-than-satisfactory hair experience.

Some stylists rent stations in the salon and run them as their own businesses. There are booth rental salons where several independent stylists work under one roof. A salon that employs its staff provides a less competitive atmosphere, and stylists will more readily share advice and guidance with each other. You benefit. If you’ve ever wondered, here’s how the salon industry works:

1)    A new hair academy graduate becomes an assistant for training and experience

2)    She then moves up to junior stylist

3)    After two years she becomes a senior stylist, choosing what type of salon she prefers (commission, rental or as an hourly employee)

This is the point at which stylists may partner with other stylists or go off on their own to open a salon. There are advantages for you to know where in the process your stylist is. It is best if she is not in the middle of a change. You will likely be most loyal to stylists who show stability.

Avoid salons with too much drama. Stylists, because they are artists, can be dramatic at times. Have you ever witnessed an argument between stylists when you’re sitting in the chair? Not too comfy! There are plenty of good salons in Lake Forest that come without drama. Check Yelp. Read reviews. Seek a salon with a culture of peace.

You might choose a salon attached to a beauty supply. That makes it easy for you to purchase excellent hair products based on your stylist’s advice. A good stylist knows products that will benefit your hair. She would be remiss not to tell you about these products before heading home. However, if your stylist is pushy about selling you products BEWARE. She may just want to make a commission. You should be able to trust your stylist.

There is a salon for you. Do your homework. Research. Just because you have a coupon is no reason to try the salon if it doesn’t feel right when you walk in the door or if you’ve read bad reviews. That said, if you read one bad review and five good ones, it’s a safe bet that the salon is okay. There is no way to please all people all the time. Happy hunting!

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