If you suffer from partial or full hair loss for any reason, for example, you are going through chemotherapy or suffer with alopecia or have a condition, which makes you pluck your hairs from your own scalp, there are many answers other than surgical hair replacement. From the use of extensions for a new length or style to a custom hair system (not to be confused with a wig), answers abound with today’s technology.

What are custom hair systems? These are custom made wigs (for lack of a better word) that grant the individual who is experiencing hair loss much of the same look and feel of their own natural hair. Whether it’s to help you look the same as you did before your hair loss (or better) or to give yourself a new look and wonderful change these hair systems that are made of real hair can make a huge difference in your life.

Those who wish to lengthen or thicken their hair via extensions can check with your stylist. Most Orange County salons have an extensions expert available. There are options available for to get a thicker and/or longer look with hair using clip-in pieces. Or you can have extensions sewn or glued in (it’s not as bad as it sounds).  If your local salon doesn’t offer extensions contact a vender for extensions who will gladly connect you with a local salon that offers their products.

What about a last-minute formal event? Again, try clip-in extensions. They’ll give you the flexibility you want without the long-term commitment. For those who have hair loss due to cancer treatments or alopecia, talk with someone like Nazy Curtis a top hairstylist who has experience up close and personal both conditions.  Her Orange County hair loss center is a valuable resource of information. She even offers support groups. You can ask her about vented and netted pieces that cover the crown for those with extreme thinning. 

After the trauma of hair loss it is important to discuss this private matter with someone who understands and can point you in the right direction. Hair is more than just about your looks; it’s about the way you feel about the way you look.

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