I recently had a client in my chair who told me she was TIRED of her "old" look. We had been doing a variation on a bob for five years. We have changed her hair color, added highlights, cut the bob short and sassy, made it look alternative, let it grow out and trimmed it up. We've done a lot with that bob! Now this Bob was thrilled to hear her say she wanted to try something different. She asked me about a retro long shag.

At first I was skeptical. Why? Because sometimes clients will tell me they want something new and different when in fact they aren't ready for it. I give them a new look and I might never see them again. Hair is personal as I've said in an earlier blog! I understand. Hey, I color my own hair. I give myself different looks. But then I'm a hair stylist who is going to be okay with whatever my stylist is doing, right?

Back to this client. I talked with her about her options. I thought the shag would look cute on her (and it really did look good). It took about 10 years off of her appearance, too. She loved that. She asked me why we hadn't thought of this before. The answer is simple. When the client is ready for actual change, she will let me know. I cannot just randomly create a new look without her being on board with the decision.

In this case, the shag looks excellent, the client is super happy, she tells me that she gets compliments right and left, and she feels GREAT about the new her. She is in the middle of changing career paths, too, so this is helping her, she says. Hey, I get it. I totally do.

Change is good. But like I've said before in earlier blogs, it's not something to jump into unless you are ready. Sometimes a slow movement toward really deep change is best. In this client's case, she started out five years ago with fried blonde hair that she colored at home. There was no style really. Just a lot of overly blonde hair. I saw her as a brunette with red highlights, but she wasn't ready for that much change. We cut her hair to a long bob and then darkened it. With each visit, we took her darker and shorter. She received compliments from day one. I won't go into detail, but I can attest to you that getting her hair done literally changed this woman's life. Overnight! Oh, the power of a good hair cut and color... You might be amazed.
3/5/2012 10:48:43 pm

I am the woman he's talking about, and let me tell you, ladies... change is really good. My hair hasn't looked this good since I was in my 20s! I love this shag. I don't even have to brush it and it looks cute. This is my new look until I'm ready for something new. Thank you, Robert!!


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